Advanced Analytics

Socaba Services

Advanced analytics allow organisations to analyse their data by combining information on past circumstances, present events, and projected future actions to gain a complete view of their operations. Socaba utilises advanced analytics at various decision points to ensure accurate, timely, and effective results incorporating the requested preferences and addressing priorities. We combine data on past circumstances, present events, and projected future actions to gain a deeper understanding of how decision-making can be optimised.

Socaba’s advanced analytics services for clients include:

  • Use of advanced analytics to support clients’ decision-making processes and improve operational effectiveness
  • Provision of assistance to organisations in their development of advanced analytics capabilities, including predictive modelling, customer segmentation, experimental design, and pricing optimisation
  • Expert advice to gain a deeper understanding of clients’ productivity through data visualisation

Client Results

Assessment of the European Early Warning System for armed conflict

Assessing EU’s processes for detecting violent conflicts globally, benchmarking the EC system against global best practice and the systems operating in UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Evaluation of Danida Humanitarian Strategy 2011-2015

Led study on Syria (carried out in Lebanon and Jordan) to assess impact of strategy on partner programming and effects on refugee communities.

Annual Assessments of the work of the Office of the Quartet Representative in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Established a data-rich framework for performance (quantitative and qualitative) that helped assess the implications of regional unrest as well as domestic and local conditions that may hinder or facilitate the impact of the OQR.

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