Capacity Building

Socaba Services

Capacity building is the process by which individuals and organisations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity. Socaba applies capacity building tools by assisting our clients’ own priorities for development and make them an integral part of their implementation plans. We deliver tangible results for economic prosperity, social inclusiveness and political stability through building long-term economic, social and political institutions.

Socaba’s capacity building services for clients include:

  • Assistance on performance-based management, including strategic planning, human resource and project management
  • Evaluation of organisational projects, organisational change and development, re-structuring and executive management development
  • Targeted support for achieving knowledge outcomes and while building on existing organisational structures

Client Results

Assessing Global Aid Flows to Palestine

Engaged all bilateral and multilateral donors, INGOs and NGOs implementing assistance, and government offices managing aid in order to assess global aid flows to Palestine and improve national planning.

Developed comprehensive framework of indicators to assess development results relative to aid expenditure, monitoring donor and finance ministry targets against published results in public databases.

Evaluation of EU Support to Host Communities and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Projects included capacity building for Lebanese authorities, improving education structures, and community empowerment to strengthen social and economic capacity of communities.

Assessing African Union’s Institutional Framework on Peace and Security

Comprehensive assessment of AUC’s human resource and administrative capacity, including advising on how to structure the Panel of the Wise, AU’s primary mediation tool.

Cost-benefit analysis of a revised organisational structure on peace and security operations, including analysis of specific AU missions in Africa.

Identification of areas for restructuring of functions and capacity building on early warning.

Designing Five-Year Governance Program for Somalia

Led the evaluation and design process for a new five-year UN governance programme.

The programme included local governance, parliamentary strengthening, public administrative reform and a range of other state-building efforts – in particular seeking to strengthen state-society relations.

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