Convening & Mediation

Socaba Services

Mediation is a mode of negotiation in which a third party is invited to help the disputing parties to find a solution, which they cannot find by themselves. Socaba contributes to empowerment and the development of mediation competencies through workshops, trainings and coaching, and support for the development of sustainable mediation structures at the political level.

Socaba’ s convening and mediation services for clients include:

  • Management, assessment and training of mediators and their teams. All team members should understand the respective conflict sensitive dimensions within their areas of expertise
  • Use of confidence-building measures at different points to build trust between the conflicting parties and between the mediator and the parties
  • Development of mechanisms to broaden participation in mediation processes, and to engage stakeholders throughout the various phases of the conflict resolution process

Client Results

Managing Water Conflicts in the Jordan River Valley

Led the conflict resolution efforts to foster cooperation between the authorities bordering the Jordan Valley.

As the only forum for continuing final status negotiations, the group was charged with delivering a breakthrough or consolidating the collapse of the peace process.

Conducted two weeks of shuttle diplomacy between Jordan, Israel and Palestine before chairing joint mediation sessions which saw the EC invest substantially in the water sector.

Managing Social Enterprise on Economic and Social Development in Fragile Areas

Conducting mediation sessions and shuttle diplomacy between groups in conflict.

Leading evaluations and project designs for peacebuilding activities in Mid-East, Asia, Africa and conducting training/ mentoring on humanitarian assistance, peace building, civil society.

Advising development actors on capacity building in governance, peace and human rights.

Developing financing structures generating financial and social returns for poor communities.

Mediation and Cultural Awareness Training

Over 2-year period, designed and delivered eight mediation training modules on mediation and cultural awareness for the European Commission Civil Protection Mechanism, thereby preparing a European cadre of disaster response specialists to deploy in crisis environments.

Topics included: gender and power awareness, perception and selection bias, compensating spoilers and empowering losers, and transforming enemies into allies.

Conflict and Program Management Training

Over 3-year period, served on stand-by expert training team.

Trained AusAID staff and its institutional partners in conflict sensitivity analysis, gender mainstreaming, community mediation, program management, and aid coordination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Developed training curricula for the Australian Defense Forces, allowing them operate more effectively in stabilization missions in Afghanistan.

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