Monitoring & Evaluation

Socaba Services

Monitoring and Evaluation is a process that may improve performance and achieve results. Its aim is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes, sustainability, efficiency and impact of projects. Socaba offers monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian aid, technical assistance and training programmes. Our services are specialised in real-time, system-wide, impact, policy and programme evaluations. We address societal issues, gaps, needs and limitations by combining desk and field research, and participatory methods to identity strengths and weaknesses. Our expertise in monitoring and evaluation promotes the humanitarian sector to respond to crises through learning and strengthening accountability.

Socaba’ s monitoring and evaluation services to clients include:

  • Delivery of evaluations that supports international organisations and governments, including evaluation of performance, objectives, aims, sustainability, relevance and cost effectiveness
  • Design and investment in programmes that address stakeholders’ objectives through collection of data and analysis of information before, during and after programme implementation
  • Support in assessing programme impact through independent monitoring and evaluation

Client Results

Evaluation of the Africa for Peace Programme, 2004-2017

Evaluating the Danish contributions to building African capacity for preventing conflict, including trust funds (joint financing agreements).

Evaluation of EU global support for Security Sector Reform, 2010-2016

Demonstrated the effectiveness of EU SSR programmes in neighbourhood and enlargement countries, including in view of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Recommended improvements to SSR programming and design M&E system to facilitate management and planning, including on gender mainstreaming.

Monitor and Improve Impact for Syrian-led Transition Project

Established M&E and management systems for project to prepare qualified Syrians to participate in the institutional and administrative reconstruction of the country.

Built capacity of international and Syrian project managers to fulfill EU reporting and programming requirements, including gender issues.

Monitoring system established detailed indicators for each development target, allowing partners to set up data collection and quality control systems that could inform EU directly.

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