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Socaba is part of Framework Contracts with the European Union (DG DEVCO SIEA Lot 3) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID IMDP Lot 12), and regularly receive high-level consulting opportunities. Please check below for the latest project opportunities.


Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism (STRIVE) Pilot Programme (DFID)

Socaba is currently following a DfID tender opportunity relating to Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in Bangladesh, Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia.


The pilot programme is primarily designed to be a learning and evidence generating programme, robustly testing a range of small-scale interventions across different settings in order to:

  • Improve HMG’s ability to identify those most at risk of violent extremism (Component 1)
  • Increase HMG understanding of which interventions and approaches, in what circumstances, are more likely to be effective in reducing vulnerability to VE recruitment and radicalisation and/or promoting deradicalisation, disengagement and reintegration, and how to avoid doing harm (Component 2)


The overall objective is to reduce vulnerability to violent extremist recruitment and exploitation within priority communities.


Programme Details:

The programme would be divided into two main components:


Component 1: Focused Response Pilots

Develop, trial, potentially scale up:

  • Focused interventions to support vulnerable individuals and subgroups and reduce vulnerability to radicalisation and VE
  • Disengagement, deradicalization and reintegration interventions for those seeking to leave VE

Interventions but may include:

  • Pyscho-social interventions, counselling, mentoring and drug rehabilitation
  • Basic skills and livelihood opportunities
  • Youth empowerment and engagement activities
  • Provision of safe spaces and protective networks
  • Cultural and educational activities, including cognitive and critical thinking skills
  • Capacity-building and support to local level responders
  • Prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Community security / community policing initiatives


Component 2: Technical assistance to Posts

Support build resilience at the structural, community and individual level by carrying out a coordinated effort working with partner governments, civil society and donors to address VET:

  • Conducting/commissioning analysis and research to strengthen the evidence base on VET in priority communities and track trends and emerging issues;
  • Mapping and analysis of ongoing P/CVE activity in priority communities,
  • Technical inputs, workshop facilitation and drafting of key strategy documents and programming tools
  • Support integration and implementation of the findings from above.
  • Supporting coordination and information sharing on P/CVE activities


Experts we are looking for:

Within this context, Socaba is looking for a range national and international technical and thematic (community engagement, gender, etc.) experts that have experience with activities similar to the ones highlighted in Component 1 and 2.


Should you have the relevant experience and be interested in the project, make sure to email your CV to expertise@socaba.org.

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