Project Management

Socaba Services

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to successfully achieve the objectives for a project. Socaba offers a variety of services and practices within project management. These include, basic management services through project coordination as well as administrative services including arranging conferences, accounting, and transport logistics of projects.

Socaba’ s project management practices provide three services to clients:

  • Deliverance on project designs, results-based planning and reporting systems through logical framework analysis
  • Briefings, orientations and team building workshops and training of trainers
  • Project financial management, technical assistance, logistics, backstopping and quality control during all the project stages

Client Results

Evaluation of the United Kingdom’s Migration Fund

Cost-benefit analysis of the UK Returns and Reintegration Fund, involving four country visits and in-depth studies of eight partner countries.

Assessed fund management structures, logistics, communications and relations between HQ and the field missions. Detailed value-for-money calculations provided basis for dialogues that facilitated common understanding among four ministers (FCO, DFID, Home, Justice).

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