Strategy & Policy Guidance

Socaba Services

Strategy and policy guidance is the management of assisting organisation’s statement of choices in its operating environment. For example, the guidance of a public or non-profit agency’s choice of society’s problems to address through public services. Socaba provides expertise on clear strategy and policy guidance that is implementable and reflects the objectives of the client. Our services ensure clear guidance that accommodates the policy environment. We assist in establishing coherent organisational strategies and policies that aims for coherence.

Socaba’ s strategy and policy guidance practices provide three services to clients:

  • Support in strategy and policy making that promotes consistency, logic, flexibility and provides a guide for thinking in future planning and action
  • Support in making policies and strategies that can be periodically reviewed to see if they should be modified, changed or abandoned
  • Promotes policies that are altruistic and benefits the interests of societies in general

Client Results

Strategic Mid-term Evaluation of the EUTF Madad

Providing evidence for the multi-stakeholder Trust Fund to make strategic decisions on governance and programming for €1.3bn instrument.

Assessing coherence across EU instruments addressing the Syria situation and examining MS support for EU-managed governance structures for the Fund.

Annual Assessments of the work of the Office of the Quartet

Providing guidance on strategic management of resources, including on expert analysis and levels of engagement with the Quartet Members, the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Enhancing the contribution of EU external assistance to addressing the security-fragility-development nexus

Provided technical back-stopping for the study which identified conceptual and policy gaps in the EU’s assistance to fragile states globally.

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