The Trust Exchange

Socaba is building a Trust Exchange. It is our vision to be a vehicle for institutional transformation. We are a platform enabling organisations to critically confront the systemic issues they face in society. Rather than providing complementary expertise on the fringes of policy, our ambition is to generate and facilitate the exchange of social capital, thereby adding momentum to everyone’s quest to excel.

Socaba’s Trust Exchange defines our internal values and culture:

  • Dedicated to achieving results, in close coordination with our client’s aims and objectives
  • Committed to the highest quality and professionalism in everything we do
  • Deep intellectual honesty to tell it like it is, in direct and straightforward language
  • An entrusting and engaged team committed to caring relationships, extending trust, respect, and support in all our interactions, to direct our collective energy at winning externally
  • Excellence in all endeavors, seeking to build teams only with the leading experts within their field

Social Capital

Social capital encompasses the “features of social life – networks, norms and trust that enable participants to act together more effectively to pursue shared objectivesâ€. Social capital is derived from three different types of social networks:

a) bonding (intra-community)
b) bridging (inter-community)
c) linking (community to authority)

These social networks can have a significant impact on different societal factors including economic performance, labour markets, health, crime, education and government efficacy.

In addition to the availability and strength of these networks (‘structural’ social capital), perceptions of the trust and norms of cooperation and reciprocity in a community benefit (‘cognitive’ social capital) all impact an individual’s ability to derive benefit.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is integral to Socaba’s work. Adopting a gendered approach is not only imperative from an ethical standpoint, it is a proven source for economic growth: it enhances the effectiveness of organisations, creates positive externalities for the economy, and improves the well-being of citizens. Socaba has shown that by mainstreaming gender into public policies can reduce institutional corruption, lower levels of inequality, and enhance the trust in government. Adopting a gendered approach enables policy-makers to propose recommendations and produce results that apply to the entire population. Gender equality is positive not only for women but clearly also for men. We are convinced and committed that both genders will benefit from our drive to deliver more equality. This approach is maintained not only across our services, but also within the organisation: staying afresh on our gender perspectives enable us to engage with a broad perspective in an inclusive fashion.


Socaba is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, or other non-merit factor. People from diverse backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply to openings and sign up to our database.

Social Capital Bank